Why Computer Science?

Computer science is...

  • A 21st Century Skill
  • a theory and practice that allows you to program a computer to do what you want it to
  • a tool that helps you tell a story or make something happen with technology
  • a discipline that emphasizes persistence in problem solving — a skill that is applicable across disciplines, driving job growth and innovation across all sectors of the workforce
  • a skill that teaches students how to use computers to create, not just consume

Computer science is not...

  • learning how to type
  • learning to use word processing, spreadsheet, or presentation software
  • learning how to build or repair computers
  • playing video games
Two happy female students sharing a project
Male volunteer helping two male students with their program

Improved Access

Currently, only 1 in 10 K-12 schools in the US offers CS classes. In addition, 75% of the population is underrepresented in computer science, even though exposure to CS leads to some of the highest paying jobs in the world. Help level the playing field by bringing more girls and minorities into CS at an earlier age.

Source: code.org

Career Opportunities

Opportunities for graduates with computer science degrees are plentiful. Jobs in computing are growing at 2x the national rate of other types of jobs.

By 2020, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts there will be 1 million more computer science jobs than graduating students qualified for them.

Source: code.org

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Female volunteer helping two male students


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