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Illustration of a Chromebook with G Suite icons on the screen
Video-based lessons for grades 7 - 12

This course uses instructional videos and creative projects to teach students how to use G Suite applications like Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Sample Projects
Develop digital literacy through creative projects

If/Then Adventure Story

Students create an interactive, If/Then Adventure Story in Google Slides.

Event Flyer

Students choose, plan, and organize an event in Google Docs.

Spring Break Vacation

Students will make financial decisions by collecting, organizing, and evaluating data using Google Sheets.
Prepare students for future careers

The technology your students will use in their careers may not exist yet. Prepare them with practices like communication, collaboration, and research.

Video from Unit 1, Activity 1: Brainstorming and Group Decision Making arrow_forward

Connect technology to the world

The curriculum's project-based format allows students to apply their new skills to real, relevant problems.

Video from Unit 4, Activity 1: Why Structured Data? arrow_forward

Teach students to behave ethically online

Ground students in digital citizenship and encourage them to use technology tools safely and responsibly.

Video from Unit 2, Activity 2: Testing for Credibility arrow_forward

Create. Learn. Collaborate.
Free yourself to work with students on a deeper level

Self-paced videos deliver instruction in this "blended learning" model. Students work independently with minimal whole-class instruction and teacher planning, freeing instructors to give individualized attention and foster student growth.

Encourage students to solve problems in new ways

Computers are invaluable tools for creative problem solving. Students gain computational thinking and programming skills, then use them to break down problems, analyze potential outcomes, and develop practical solutions.

Empower students to take an active role in learning

The self-paced curriculum and variety of activities give every student the opportunity to explore their interests, use their strengths, and develop important skills and ideas.

Give students a powerful tool for self expression

Lessons extend beyond application features and simple how-to. They are a platform for students to express ideas, collaborate with others, analyze and solve problems, and create.