9 out of 10 parents want CS in schools,
but 1 in 4 principals say their school offers it.

Help advocate for change! Bring CS First to a local school.


3 Easy Ways to Advocate

Many of our clubs get their start with parent and community advocates. Make a difference in your community by helping us spread the word!

Email a local school

Find a teacher from a school near you, and send them an email. We've started it for you. Click the link below!

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Share flyers

Give a teacher, administrator, or community manager the flyer below. You can also post it in public places!

Download flyer

Spread the word

Spread awareness through word of mouth, social media, or even by giving a presentation!

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Key Points

  • Why Computer Science (CS)?
    CS is a scientific discipline that drives computation and its applications. CS is a key 21st century skill that gives students exposure to problem solving and logic proficiencies needed across learning disciplines, and is currently in high demand in the job market.
  • What is CS First?
    CS First is an entry-level computer science program created by Google. It is suited for an enrichment or club environment, and is appropriate for grades 4-8 (ages 9-14).
  • CS First is free and accessible.
    CS First and the programming tool it uses, Scratch, are free resources that can be accessed on any computer with an internet connection.
  • Google provides club materials.
    Google will provide printed materials for clubs. The school needs to provide the computer lab, a host teacher, and transportation home for students (if applicable).
  • Clubs are volunteer-led.
    Clubs are run by community volunteers who sign up through cs-first.com. Hosts can request a volunteer when they are ready to start a club. Volunteers are not required to lead a club if a teacher from the school wants to facilitate the club.
  • How much does CS First cost?
    It's free!
  • What resources does the school need to provide?
    A computer lab with internet, a host teacher, and transportation home for students if applicable.
  • Who can get involved?
    Anyone who's interested! No computer science or teaching experience is required to run our clubs. Training materials are provided.
  • What do I need to do to start a club?
    Visit cs-first.com/start-club.