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You have 2 options when it comes to scheduling your club:
  • Detailed scheduling where you can specify what day and time you'll be running each of the 8 club activities. Students will be automatically sent to the correct activity based on your schedule.
  • Start-date-only scheduling where you only need to enter the first day your club will meet (so we can deliver your materials on time) . This is a good option if you're not sure when you'll be running your club, if you want to spread each activity over multiple days, or if you want to do several activities on the same day.

    To choose this option, check the Skip detailed scheduling box when setting up your club.You can edit your schedule at any time via your dashboard. You can also switch between setting a detailed schedule or a start date only.

If you've never run a CS First club before, we recommend the Storytelling theme. It's one of our most popular themes and is great for beginners. The rest of our themes are built around students' interests and are appropriate for ages 9-14. For advanced students who have already been through several CS First clubs, the Animation theme offers more challenging projects that build off of earlier concepts.

We don't recommend offering different themes within one club session, or letting students choose individual themes, because CS First clubs are designed to be social and collaborative and students offer more value and support to one another when they work on the same theme. Choice is embedded in each theme in a variety of ways to elicit creativity and innovation from students, including add-ons and time to explore and extend. If they finish, they can still access other themed materials.

If you are in the US or Ireland, you can request print materials which include enough for 30 students. That said, there is no limit to how many students you can have participate in a club. You can add an unlimited amount of students to your club roster and all of our printed materials are also accessible online should you need more than 30.
You can add the names of your students next to their CS First/Scratch usernames on the Stats tab of your club dashboard by clicking on “Add name” next to their username. To preserve student privacy, names are stored on your computer rather than on Google's servers. If you use a different browser or computer, you will need to add students' names again.
You can add any location that isn't listed. On the Locations page, enter the street address of your location in the search field above the list of locations, then click Search. Then, check the Host box next to your location and save your locations.
CS First is provided for free with the intention to remove any barriers students and teachers face to access and learn about computer science. All materials are provided for free; although we discourage it, you may charge club participants a fee.

In the US, Ireland, and Italy, hosts can initially can order up to three kits (enough for 90 students) by setting up 3 separate clubs. Once you have run one successful club, this limit is lifted and you can request as many kits as you need. Please be respectful and request only what you need to avoid waste.

If you need more than 3 kits and you have not run a club before, you need to request an exception.

Print materials should arrive in time for your club as indicated by your club start date on your club dashboard. You can report materials issues here.
If you've received materials for the wrong theme or if your kit is missing items, report a materials issue here.

Materials ship with enough time to arrive before your club's start date.

If you haven't received your materials and it's more than 2 days before your club starts, please be patient - your materials should arrive 3-5 days prior to your club's start date. If you'd like to review the materials ahead of time, visit your club dashboard, select your club, and click on the "Materials" tab.

If you haven't received your materials and it's 2 days or less before your club starts, or your start date has passed, let us know here.

If the dates you had set for your club have passed, your club will be moved to the Past Clubs section on your My Clubs page. To view these clubs, click the Show Past Clubs link in the bottom left corner. If your club is still active, you can edit the schedule so that it reappears in your list of clubs.
You may delete a club as long as no students have logged in using your club code. To delete a club, click on the red Delete This Club button at the bottom of your Club Setup page. Deleting a club cannot be undone.
You're welcome to use CS First materials with your kids. You can create a club to keep track of their progress, but it isn't required. Some parents have even set up clubs that meet at a home or coffee shop with other homeschoolers – CS First is provided free for you to use however you want.
CS First can be used anywhere, not just in schools. Community centers, churches and libraries have all hosted successful clubs.

You can remove extra student accounts from the Stats section on your club dashboard. Check the box next to the name of each student you want to remove, then click the trash can icon on the blue bar that appears on top of the list of student accounts.

If you remove an account by accident, you can add the student back by having them click the Enter Club Code button on the student Sign In page and entering your club's club code. When asked if they need a CS First username and password, they should click No, I have one and enter their old account information, which will re-add them to your club.

To use a new email address with CS First, you'll need to create a new account for your new email address and move your clubs to it.
  1. Click the red Sign in with Google button on the Sign In page.
  2. Sign in with your new email address.
  3. Sign out, then sign in with your old email address.
  4. Click edit next to the Hosts section on your club dashboard, and invite your new email address to host each of your clubs.
  5. Sign out, sign in to your new account, and accept the invitations. You can then remove your old account as a host if you wish.
Students cannot sign in using Google Apps for Education accounts. Your students should enter your club’s Club Code on the student Sign In page and create CS First/Scratch accounts as outlined in your club plans.

Hosts/Volunteers: Make sure that you're using the blue Sign in with Google button whenever you sign in. If you've forgotten your password, you'll need to use the Google Account Recovery tool to reset it.

Students: If a student forgets their password, look up their username on the Stats section of your club dashboard to find their password.

If you would like to delete your CS First account, please let us know via our contact form. We will delete your account promptly and let you know when it has been removed.
Yes! In fact, we encourage it. Just make sure that students remember their account information so they can use it for subsequent clubs.
CS First is not intentionally aligned with any set of national or state standards. However, you are welcome to use CS First in your classroom and may find that the activities cover many topics and concepts found in science, technology, and humanities standards.
You can learn how to run a club and bring CS First to your students by watching our training videos. Running a club does not require technical expertise or computer science knowledge – students watch instructional videos, and educators and club leaders are provided with complete solutions for each activity.
CS First cannot arrange for office visits or speakers for your students.
We don't offer CS First-branded items, but Google-branded items are available for purchase at the Google Merchandise Store.
While the CS First website will run on an iPad or tablet, Scratch does not. Since students use Scratch to build their projects, you are unable to use iPads/tablets for the student experience at this time.
CS First works well with Chromebooks. You and your students will be able to watch all videos and complete the activities.
If you have limited bandwidth or aren't able to play the videos, you can download the videos for each theme and distribute them to student computers for offline viewing. Click the name of a theme to download all videos for it:
If the CS First videos don't play for your students, try having them use a different browser. The CS First website should work with recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge and Safari. If that doesn't work, check with your IT department to make sure that the videos aren't being blocked by web filtering software. If you can get the videos to play on your own computer and have a projector, you can lead the club as a group by projecting the videos one at a time and giving your students time to work on each activity. Contingency plans are also provided as a backup if you cannot get the videos to play at all.
Make sure your students are using the correct username and password. You can look up their Scratch account information on the Stats section of your club dashboard. If the Scratch website is down, contingency plans are provided as a backup activity.
If the CS First or Scratch websites are blocked, contact your IT department for assistance. If you are leading a club and can't access CS First, you can use our contingency plans as an alternative activity.
Only the host has access to the Student Stats page and the ability to edit the club schedule. If you are a volunteer/guru for a club and need these permissions, you must ask the host of the club to add you as a co-host. To do so, edit the Optional "Hosts" Step at the bottom of the Club Setup page.
When a host sets up a club in an area you’ve specified that you’re interested in and requests local volunteers, you will be contacted via email. If you choose to accept the invitation, the host will need to approve you on their club dashboard and you will then be added as a volunteer for the club.
Consider reaching out to local schools/programs and advocating for CS First and/or hosting a club yourself.
Language availability
The High Seas activity and a selection of our themes are available in the following languages:
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
Use the language picker at the bottom right corner of the CS First website to access the activities in different languages. We will update this section as new languages become available.

Materials shipment availability
CS First print materials can be requested and shipped to the following countries:
  • US
  • Ireland
  • Northern Ireland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
If you are in a country not listed above, you can download CS First print materials in the following languages and print them on your own.
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
To do so, visit, then:
  1. Click “View Lesson Plans” next to the theme you are using
  2. Click on “Materials” in the upper right corner
  3. Download and print the desired materials

Still don't have the answer to your question? Ask the CS First community in our support forum or contact CS First.