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If-Then Adventure Stories
Lesson Plans

Students create an interactive, If/Then Adventure Story in Google Slides.

Activity 1: Introduction to Create with Google
  1. play_circle_filled Google Apps Overview
  2. assessment Google Apps Pre-Survey
Activity 2: Brainstorm Story Ideas
  1. play_circle_filled Unit 1 Introduction
  2. play_circle_filled Introduction to Group Decision Making
  3. play_circle_filled Brainstorm Story Elements
  4. play_circle_filled Select Story Elements
  5. assessment Wrap Up
Activity 3: Create an If/Then Adventure
  1. play_circle_filled Introduction to If/Then Adventure Stories
  2. play_circle_filled Set Up Your First Slides
  3. play_circle_filled Create Choices and Links
  4. play_circle_filled Connect and Create
  5. assessment Reflection
Activity 4: Wrap Up
  1. play_circle_filled Unit Wrap
  2. assessment Unit 1 Reflection
  3. extension Unit 1 Extensions
Research and Develop a Topic
Lesson Plans

Students conduct research while learning about source credibility.

Activity 1: Explore a Topic with Research and Collaboration
  1. play_circle_filled Unit Introduction
  2. play_circle_filled Log In and Create a Document
  3. play_circle_filled Choose a Topic to Explore
  4. play_circle_filled Find Information with Advanced Search
  5. play_circle_filled Share and Work Together
  6. play_circle_filled Data Is Everywhere
  7. assessment Reflection
Activity 2: Test for Credibility
  1. play_circle_filled Don’t Get Tricked by Online Content
  2. play_circle_filled Make a False Claim
  3. play_circle_filled Share a Fake Article
  4. play_circle_filled Assess a Source for Credibility
  5. play_circle_filled Trust and Deceit on the Internet
  6. assessment Reflection
Activity 3: Code Welcome Screen
  1. play_circle_filled Code a Pop-Up Window Using Events
  2. play_circle_filled Explore the Script Editor
  3. play_circle_filled Welcome to My Document
  4. play_circle_filled Add Visual Appeal to Your Popup
  5. play_circle_filled Show an HTML Formatted Message
  6. play_circle_filled Make the Pop-Up Open Automatically
  7. play_circle_filled Wrap Up
  8. assessment Reflection
Activity 4: Wrap Up
  1. play_circle_filled Unit Wrap
  2. assessment Unit 2 Reflection
  3. extension Unit 2 Extensions
Plan an Event
Lesson Plans

Students choose, plan, and organize an event.

Activity 1: Select and Research an Event
  1. play_circle_filled Plan an Event: Unit Introduction
  2. play_circle_filled Select and Research an Event
  3. play_circle_filled Event Questions and Research
  4. play_circle_filled Give and Receive Feedback
  5. play_circle_filled Wrap Up Event Selection
  6. assessment Activity Reflection for Select and Research an Event
Activity 2: Plan Tasks for Your Event
  1. play_circle_filled Introduction to Spreadsheets
  2. play_circle_filled Understand Spreadsheet Vocabulary
  3. play_circle_filled Add Items to Your Spreadsheet
  4. play_circle_filled Add Columns for Task Owners
  5. play_circle_filled Complete Task List and Get Feedback
  6. play_circle_filled Wrap Up To Do List
  7. assessment Activity Reflection for Plan Tasks for you Event
Activity 3: Code an Email Message
  1. play_circle_filled Introduction to Email Script
  2. play_circle_filled Conditional Formatting in Google Sheets
  3. play_circle_filled Get the Display Value
  4. play_circle_filled Log Only If the Value is Empty
  5. play_circle_filled Fix the Bug with an Embedded "If"
  6. play_circle_filled Send the Email
  7. play_circle_filled Add a Trigger to Run the Code
  8. play_circle_filled Email Code Wrap Up
  9. assessment Activity Reflection for Code an Email Message
Activity 4: Create a Logo
  1. play_circle_filled Introduction to Logos
  2. play_circle_filled Add and Edit Images
  3. play_circle_filled Add and Format Text
  4. play_circle_filled Advanced Options in Google Drawings
  5. play_circle_filled Logo Wrap Up
  6. assessment Activity Reflection for Create a Logo
Activity 5: Build a Flyer to Advertise
  1. play_circle_filled Introduction to Flyers
  2. play_circle_filled Text and Page Setup
  3. play_circle_filled Download and Insert an Image
  4. play_circle_filled Publish and Share
  5. play_circle_filled Flyer Wrap Up
  6. assessment Activity Reflection for Build a Flyer to Advertise
Activity 6: Share Your Event Digitally
  1. play_circle_filled Introduction to Google Sites
  2. play_circle_filled Add and Resize Logo
  3. play_circle_filled Add Text, Change the Theme, and Preview your Site
  4. play_circle_filled Add a Page with a Map
  5. play_circle_filled Try Something New!
  6. play_circle_filled Publish Your Site and Get Feedback
  7. play_circle_filled Website Wrap Up
  8. assessment Activity Reflection for Share Your Event Digitally
Activity 7: Unit Wrap Up
  1. play_circle_filled Plan an Event Wrap Up
  2. assessment Unit 3 Reflection
  3. extension Unit 3 Extensions
Guide to an Area
Lesson Plans

Students use structured data to create an interactive guide to an area in a spreadsheet.

Activity 1: Create an Area Guide
  1. assessment Organize Data to Create an Area Guide
  2. play_circle_filled Why Structured Data?
  3. play_circle_filled Choose an Area
  4. play_circle_filled Add Column Headings
  5. play_circle_filled Add Three Places to Visit
  6. play_circle_filled Include More Places to Explore
  7. play_circle_filled Reusing Data in Multiple Ways
  8. assessment Activity Reflection for Why Structured Data
Activity 2: Add Filters and Custom Rating Scales
  1. play_circle_filled Introduction to Sortable Data
  2. play_circle_filled Make a Rating Scale
  3. play_circle_filled Rate Locations with Data Validation
  4. play_circle_filled Sort and Filter Your Data
  5. play_circle_filled The Power of Sortable Data
  6. assessment Activity Reflection for Sortable Data
Activity 3: Add Interactive Images
  1. play_circle_filled Add Interactive Images
  2. play_circle_filled Start Coding an Interactive Sidebar
  3. play_circle_filled Add an Image to Your Area Guide
  4. play_circle_filled Embed an Image Link in a Spreadsheet Cell
  5. play_circle_filled Customize Titles and Instructions
  6. play_circle_filled Add More Embedded Media
  7. play_circle_filled Sidebar Wrap Up
  8. assessment Activity Reflection for Add Interactive Images
Activity 4: Make a Custom Map
  1. play_circle_filled Reuse Your Work to Make a Map
  2. play_circle_filled Create Your Map
  3. play_circle_filled Customization Options in My Maps
  4. play_circle_filled Same Data, Different Users
  5. assessment Activity Reflection on Reuse Your Work
Activity 5: Unit Wrap Up
  1. play_circle_filled Business and Beats: Structured Data Has Many Uses
  2. assessment Unit 4 Reflection
  3. extension Unit 4 Extensions
Plan and Budget
Lesson Plans

Research and collect data about a long-term, contractual purchase, like a cell phone and data plan.

Activity 1: Make a Long-Term Spending Decision
  1. play_circle_filled Budget to Make Good Financial Decisions
  2. play_circle_filled Long-Term Spending Decisions
  3. play_circle_filled Research and Collect Data
  4. play_circle_filled Research Costs
  5. play_circle_filled Add Rows and Duplicate Formulas
  6. play_circle_filled Use Data to Inform a Decision
  7. play_circle_filled Using Formulas to Inform Decisions
  8. assessment 5.1 Activity Reflection
Activity 2: Choose Where to Live
  1. play_circle_filled Use Code For Decision-Making
  2. play_circle_filled Set Up Your Housing Spreadsheet
  3. play_circle_filled Research and Record Rental Options
  4. play_circle_filled Create Variables to Hold Two Locations
  5. play_circle_filled Communicate with the API
  6. play_circle_filled Find the Distance Between Two Points
  7. play_circle_filled Get Locations from Spreadsheet
  8. play_circle_filled Use Coding to Help Solve Problems
  9. assessment Choose Where to Live Activity Reflection
Activity 3: Develop a Budget
  1. play_circle_filled Develop a Budget
  2. play_circle_filled Copy Data and Create a Summary Table
  3. play_circle_filled Calculate Total Expenditures
  4. play_circle_filled Categorize Expenditures
  5. play_circle_filled Label and Calculate Category Totals
  6. play_circle_filled Use Data Validation to Make Your Spreadsheet More Reliable
  7. play_circle_filled Visualize the Data and Make Decisions
  8. play_circle_filled Develop a Budget Wrap Up
  9. assessment Develop a Budget Activity Reflection
Activity 4: Research Car Loans
  1. play_circle_filled Introduction to Car Loans
  2. play_circle_filled Loan Terms and APR
  3. play_circle_filled Create a Loan Amounts Table
  4. play_circle_filled Absolute Values and Currency Formatting
  5. play_circle_filled Calculate Totals for Interest and Amount Paid
  6. play_circle_filled Research Cars in Your Price Range
  7. play_circle_filled Car Loans Wrap Up
  8. assessment Research Car Loans Activity Reflection
Activity 5: Plan for a Spring Break Vacation
  1. play_circle_filled Plan a Spring Break Vacation
  2. play_circle_filled Set Up Your Spreadsheet and Start Your Research
  3. extension Research Your Spring Break Trip
  4. play_circle_filled Spring Break Wrap Up
  5. assessment Plan for a Spring Break Vacation Activity Reflection
Activity 6: Unit Wrap Up
  1. play_circle_filled Budgets: Life Has Many Financial Decisions
  2. assessment Unit 6 Reflection
[Beta] Explore Create Communicate

Activity 1: Technology, Ethics, and Security
  1. play_circle_filled Explore Create Communicate Introduction
  2. play_circle_filled Introduction to the Topics
  3. play_circle_filled Explore Technology, Ethics, and Security
  4. play_circle_filled Technology, Ethics, and Security Wrap-up
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Introduction to Sortable Data
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