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3. Lightning Flash
  • 1. Introduction to Setting and Randomness
  • 2. Make it Rain
  • 3. Lightning Flash
  • 4. Random Lightning
  • 5. Making Your “Stormy Day” Setting into a Story
  • 6. Add-Ons
  • 7. Reflection
  • 8. Wrap-up: Setting
  • 9. Wrap-up: Share Your Project
  • 10. Wrap-up: Show Your Project
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  1. Program the backdrop to change.
  2. Make the backdrop change a specific number of times.
  3. Wait between backdrop changes.
  4. Start the program when the flag is clicked.
Hint: If the backdrop stops on "Lightning Flash", click the "next backdrop" block, or select "Night Sky" from the backdrops tab.