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In this add-on, you’ll program the characters in your story to react when the lightning strikes.

First, click on the stage.

When the lightning strikes, you’ll need to “broadcast” a message to the other sprites that it’s time to react. To do this, select the events menu, and add a “broadcast” block after the “wait” block. Change the name of the message to something like “Lightning.”

Now, when the lightning strikes, the “lightning” message will be broadcast to the rest of the program. Next, program the sprite to respond to that lightning strike message.

Click the character that you want to respond, then drag out a “when I receive lightning” block. Any code you add to this event will only run when the lightning message is broadcast.

To test this, add a “say for 2 seconds” block to the code, and run it.

Great. Now when the lightning strikes, the sprite says “Ah!”

The broadcast “lightning” block triggers the code under the “when I receive block” Now it’s up to you to create other ways for your sprite to react to lightning strikes.

The reaction should go with your character’s personality. Is it scared? Evil? Brave? Silly?

Think about how the character in your story would react when lightning strikes.

Now, it’s your turn! 1) Select the stage, and add a “broadcast” block after the “wait” block. 2) Rename the message, “lightning.”

3) Use a “when I receive lightning” event to start your character’s reaction.

4) Program the reaction.

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Lightning Reaction
In this add-on, you’ll program the characters in your story to react when the lightning strikes.
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