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Choose an Add-On
Bust a Move
Learn how to earn the "Bust a Move" badge.
Energy Burst
Learn how to earn the "Energy Burst" badge.
Multiple Musicians
Learn how to earn the "Multiple Musicians" badge.
Clone Crazy
Learn how to earn the "Clone Crazy" badge.
Music Promoter
Learn how to earn the "Music Promoter" badge.
Vote on the Talent Show (Advanced)
Modify your project so you can vote for a talent show contestant.
Win the Show! (Advanced)
Make the winning performer celebrate their victory!
  • 1. Musical Talent Show Intro
  • 2. Choose the Talents
  • 3. Reflection
  • 4. Wrap-up: Musical Talent Show
  • 5. Wrap-up: Share Your Project
  • 6. Wrap-up: Show Your Project
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In this screencast, you'll see all the talent show characters you can build today and the badges associated with them. You probably won’t have time to build every talent show character today, so choose the badges you want to earn the most, and work on those first.

To earn the Bust A Move badge, create a sprite that dances and plays music when clicked, and that stops when the spacebar is pressed. To earn the Energy Burst badge, create a sprite that moves around the screen, makes a sound, and bounces off the edges when clicked. This sprite should stop moving when the spacebar is pressed.

Earn the Multiple Musicians badge by creating two or more duplicated sprites who do two actions at once, like play sound and change color, when the mouse touches them.

To earn the Clone Crazy badge, create a sprite that asks a question and duplicates on the screen with the answer. Depending on the length of your club and if you have extra time, you can also try to earn two advanced badges here. They will allow you to build voting into your talent show. When the votes go over a certain number, one sprite will be announced as the winner. The screencasts for today don't show you every code block you need to build this project. That's where the “scavenger hunt” part of the day comes in. It’s up to you to figure out which blocks you want to use for the programming and project you want to create. Happy hunting!

  1. See the talent show characters you can build.
  2. Find out what badges you can earn.